Collect more money faster with the Collection Group of Canada, a top business collection agency with diversified collection services

collection servicesGet back to doing what you do best – running your business – while we do what we do best – manage your Accounts Receivable as one of Canada’s most technologically advanced and cost effective collection services companies.

A privately owned collection service company founded in 1984, The Collection Group of Canada (CGC) now serves multiple markets and industries through a wide range of companies, large and small, by delivering best-in-class solutions with the following benefits:

  • Competitive rates on credit collection services
  • Strong performance results on a consistent basis (ever increasing rates of recovery)
  • Online access to your account information
  • Exceptional client-specific services
  • Electronic file transmissions (uploading and downloading)
  • Customized and scalable solutions
  • A management team with more than one-hundred years of collection experience

We are known for pioneering new collection processes, delivering customized solutions and having the most experienced and skilled staff in the industry. Simply stated, we know how to collect more money, faster for our clients. This is vital, because every dollar recovered minimizes your write-offs and, therefore, has a significant impact on your bottom line. Moreover, it takes considerable effort and resources to offset any write-off.

Competitive Rates on Debt Collection Services

CGC offers competitive commission rates throughout North America and abroad. There are no membership or subscription fees. No collection, no fees. You only pay for results!

Want to file a debt collection claim?

All you pay is the commission on any funds we collect through our industry leading collection service. That means you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you pay nothing until we deliver results.

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